Club Rules – Belper & District Angling Club

General Rules




If any question arises, not provided for in these rules, it shall be laid before the Committee for decision


  1. Members when fishing, must produce their ticket and EA rod licence on the demand of any member. All members must be on the alert to prevent trespassing, by asking strangers to produce their membership card. All irregularities to be reported to the Secretary. The Bailiffs, the Secretary and any member of the Committee have the power to demand to be shown any fish in the members’ possession.
  2. A member, when fishing, shall have the right – if he/she so desires – to claim 6 yards on either side of his stand.
  3. The river close seasons for fishing shall be:

Brown Trout 8th October to 17th March.

Rainbow Trout 16th November to 15th May.

Coarse Fish (including Eels) 15th March to 15th June.

All above dates are inclusive and apply ON RIVER DERWENT ONLY.

  1. Spinning with natural or artificial bait is allowed in the Club’s waters. Live baiting, however, is banned in ALL club waters.
  2. One brace of Trout, or one brace of Pike of less than 10lbs each may be taken per day. No other fish may be taken from the river and none whatsoever may be taken from the pond.
  3. A maximum of two rods per angler may be used during the coarse fishing season (except under match rules), providing only one swim is fished. Casting more than half way across the pond is NOT allowed.
  4. Rods and baited lines must not be left unattended. Members who fail to observe this rule will be expelled from the club.
  5. Members must approach all waters by the proper recognised paths, must not break fences, leave gates open or pass through mowing grass fields (after May 1st) or standing corn. Anyone trespassing on British Railway property will be banned immediately.
  6. Any member found taking anyone as a companion to the pond who is not a member shall be expelled from the club immediately. All persons present at the pond must be fishing, any person not fishing (except bailiffs & committee members) will be classed as a trespasser and dealt with as above. It is permissible for members to fish in the river in the first pond field and they can be accompanied in this area only.
  7. Normal fishing hours (Wyver Lane Pond) are 5.00am until 10.00pm. Night fishing on the pond is for night members only. All members may night fish the River Derwent. Night fishing on all venues is for a maximum of two nights, consecutive or not, in any given week.
  8. Bicycles are not allowed in the Pond Field.
  9. Radios are not allowed in the pond field.
  10. No dogs allowed on club waters.
  11. Carp weighing more than 5lbs must not be retained in keep nets. The committee recommends that carp should not be retained in sacks for periods of more than 30 minutes. The retention of fish in keep nets or sacks during the hours of darkness is strictly banned. Anyone fishing for carp must be in possession of an unhooking mat.
  12. Any full member may use a Coleman-type petrol stove whilst night fishing. No gas stoves or gas lighting of any sort may be used at club venues.
  13. Fishing in the weir basin or from the weir apron, and in the River Gardens is strictly banned. Failure to observe this rule will mean immediate expulsion from the club.
  14. No dry dog biscuits, peas, beans or nuts of any kind may be used as bait. All must be pre-soaked beforehand.
  15. Any litter at a peg will be deemed to belong to the angler fishing there and all litter must be taken away. Sweetcorn or Luncheon Meat, etc. must not be taken to the river or the pond in tins. Anyone found leaving litter will be banned from the club.
  16. Barbless or micro-barbed hooks only may be used when fishing club waters.
  17. No Bait Boats allowed on Wyver Lane Pond.


Additional Rules

Day tickets are not available for Wyver lane pond.


River-only Rules

Important notice

Wading below the Mill Weir to the Cut mouth is not recommended. Anglers fishing in this manner do so at their own risk.


Match Rules

  1. Competitors must not disturb the water which will be started and finished with a whistle
  2. Fish may be landed and weighed-in if hooked before the whistle is sounded to terminate the match; provided such fish are landed within 15 minutes of match termination.
  3. Any number of rods may be tackled up. Only one may be used at any time.
  4. Fish to be weighed to the dram.
  5. Any objection or complaints to made before weighing in.
  6. Fish to be kept in a keep net and returned alive to the water immediately after weighing in.
  7. Non -competitors not allowed to fish in the stretch of an authorised match.
  8. The water in which a match is to be fished is out of bounds from 7am on the day of the match.
  9. Minnows are permitted to be weighed-in, but sticklebacks, pike and trout may not be weighed-in.
  10. The decision of the Match Secretary or, in his absence, the appointed Match Steward, shall be final in any matter concerning the Match, including the decision as to whether water is fishable or not on the day of the Match.
  11. Competitors must not leave their Pegs during the Match, other than in an emergency. Anyone doing so is automatically disqualified.


Night Members Rules – Wyver Lane Pond


  1. Night tickets are available to adult members only.
  2. Night permit numbers are strictly limited to 25 per season.
  3. Existing night members have until the 1st of February to renew their Licence and Night Permit. Any night permits not renewed will be available to members who have been club members for previous season(s). Members who have registered on the Waiting List will have priority.
  4. Night members are not allowed to fish for more than 2 consecutive nights and for a maximum of two nights, consecutive or not, in any given week.
  5. Night members must book on prior to any night session. (Contact details can be found inside permit)
  6. Maximum 6 anglers allowed on the pond on any single night.
  7. All club rules will apply to all members at all times.
  8. Night anglers must vacate the pond by 7.30 pm, the night before any organised match.
  9. Night members who have booked a night must inform the Booking Secretary as soon as possible if they need to cancel the session.
  10. Anyone not attending bookings without cancelling on 2 occasions during the season will be given a 1 month suspension of their night permit.
  11. No organised matches may be fished unless agreed beforehand by the Committee.
  12. Any full member may use a Coleman-type petrol stove whilst night fishing. No gas stoves or gas lighting of any sort may be used at club venues.