River Derwent – Ambergate to Milford

Angling on Derbyshire’s River Derwent.

Belper & District Angling Club controls the fishing on 8 miles of the Derbyshire Derwent, which can be fished by club members and also by holders of a valid day ticket.  Below is a map showing the fishing rights we control on this fine river.  Our river angling is double bank fishing and stretches from the upstream limit at Ambergate, through Belper, to the downstream limit at Milford.

The Derwent, in these middle reaches, offers not only tremendous quality fishing but huge variety. In the space of 200 yards there can be deep, steady pools, shallow runs and large features such as fallen trees.  The diverse range of swims means that all manner of methods can be used, from waggler fishing or trotting a stick, through to swimfeeder & bomb, pole fishing, even rolling meat!

With the diversity of habitat comes a diversity of fish species. We get the trout and superb grayling fishing, for which the upper Derwent is renowned, but we also have an abundance of quality barbel, chub, perch and pike, for which the lower reaches are famous. If that’s not enough, our stretches hold large shoals of roach, dace and bream too!

We have fish caught to the following weights, from Belper & District stretches:

  • Barbel to 13lb
  • Chub to 6lb
  • Perch to 3lb+
  • Grayling to 1lb 8oz+
  • Roach to 1lb+

Access to many swims requires a long walk, so large areas of our water see very little angling pressure. Anglers willing to put in the time and effort to explore the Derwent could turn up a real surprise fish thriving on neglect! The Derwent has a long history of producing quality perch, chub, grayling and barbel, so unknown monsters could be lurking within our stretch of the river.

Below you can view our available fishing areas on the river, in an interactive Google map:

Venue Map