Wyver Lane Pond Match Round-up – 2021

Wyver Lane Pond, Belper match gfishing in Derbyshire

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07-11-21 – Wyver Lane Pond match results

13 fished a very tricky match. The pond was very cold with an influx of river water and the first frost of the season this week. Many struggled for bites,

1st Tom Webster 4lb 12oz, peg 19 – caught 4 net skimmers and a few bits on the tip

2nd Adi Ingram 2lb 12oz, peg 8 – 25 fish on the pole

3rd Phil Hoad 2lb, peg 17

Tom Webster with a catch of bream which won him the fishing match on Wyver Lane Pond at Belper

24-10-21 – Wyver Lane Pond match results

1st Thomas Webster 4lb 10oz, peg 10

2nd Peter Doran 4lb 9oz, peg 18

3rd Rob Green 2lb 15oz, peg 14

Well done to everyone who took part in unfavourable conditions

Tom Webster with his match-winning bag from Wyver Lane Pond in Belper, which included a specimen perch
A big perch featured in Tom Webster’s winning bag

10-10-21 – Wyver Lane Pond match results

1st Tony Carline 29lb 9oz

2nd Adi Ingram 27lb 12oz

3rd Roger Stone 14lb 2oz

4th Martin 9lb 7oz

Section A winner: Thomas Webster 8lb 2oz

Section B winner: Peter Doran 6lb 6oz

Great turnout today of 21 anglers, well done to everyone who took part!

26-09-21 – Wyver Lane Pond match results

A day when many species put in an appearance! Species landed included carp, tench, bream, roach, perch, chub, barbel gudgeon and ruffe.

1st Adi Ingram 18lb 11oz, peg 13

2nd Phil Hoad 16lb 1oz , peg 16

3rd Bryan Woolley 11lb 9oz, peg 18

4th Adam Ingram 10lb 7oz, peg 19

5th Leo Verdi 7lb 15oz, peg 7

6th Peter Doran 7lb 4oz

Bryan Woolley with a nice bag of chub and barbel

Leo with a nice bream and big perch amongst his net

12-09-21 – Wyver Lane Pond match results

1st Adi Ingram 4lb 14oz

2nd Elliott Boam and Bob Harrison 4lb 8oz

3rd Adam Ingram 4lb 5oz.

06-06-21 – Harry Fitton Memorial charity match results – Wyver Lane Pond, Belper

1st Mark Gregory peg 17, 16lb 14oz

2nd Nigel Ellis peg 19, 15lb 5oz

3rd Martin Jacques peg 18, 12lb 0oz

4th Tony Carline peg 2, 10lb 4oz

5th Gary Wingfield peg 5, 5lb 3oz

6th Joe Wheeldon peg 13, 4lb 14oz

£85 was raised for charity

23-05-21 – Wyver Lane Pond match results

1st Joe Wheeldon 5lb 6oz, peg 18

2nd Paul Spencer 3lb 2oz, peg 20

3rd Adrian Scott 2lb 6oz, peg 8

4th Adam Ingram 2lb 2oz, peg 2

5th Phil Hoad 1lb 12oz, peg 6

6th Tony Carline 1lb 3oz

09-05-21 – Wyver Lane Pond match results

1st Adam Ingram 15lb 1oz, peg 17

2nd Thomas Webster 9lb 9oz, peg 14

3rd Bob Harrison 3lb 1oz, peg 24

4th Paul Spencer 2lb 8oz, peg 6

5th Elliott Boam 1lb 13oz, peg 10

6th Tony Carline 15oz, peg 20

Tom Webster match bag Belper pond
Tom’s catch included some fine tench and perch

25-04-21 – Wyver Lane Pond match results

1st Elliott Boam 9lb 15oz

2nd Thomas Webster 5lb 15 oz

3rd Adam Ingram 4lb 11oz

4th Martin Jacques 4lb 8oz

5th Paul Spencer 4lb 7oz

6th Bryan Woolley 2lb 13oz

11-04-21 – Wyver Lane Pond match results

1st Thomas Webster 11lb 4oz

2nd Phil Hoad 6lb 2oz

3rd Martin Jacques 5lb 2oz

4th Paul Spencer 3lb 13oz

5th Peter Doran 2lb 6oz

Joint 6th Jamie Roe & Adam Ingram 1lb 1oz

Pleasure Catches from the River Derwent & Wyver Lane Pond – 2021

Philip Shaw with a 17lb Belper common carp

Anglers have sent us their catch pictures via our catch report page and through Facebook. Here are some of the best we were sent during 2021.

Back in January, Adam Ingram braved the cold on Wyver Lane Pond and had this lovely carp. Caught on single red maggot, size 20 hook, 1lb 8oz hooklength, 3lb mainline, quarter ounce tip, on his 10ft light bomb rod. It went 10lb 10oz:

Adam Ingram with a 10lb January carp from Belper
Adam Ingram with a 10lb+ January carp from Belper

In February, new Committee member Elliott Boam fished the Derwent and landed 4 chub on a mixture of waggler and stick float tactics, with bronze maggots doing the business:

Also in February on the Derwent, Adam Ingram shared a nice bream he caught, as the river looked in great shape for the final weeks of the season:

Adam Ingram with a bream from the Derwent at Belper
Adam with his Derwent bream

In May, Tom Dukes fished Wyver Lane Pond and landed this beautiful 17lb 6oz common carp:

Tom Dukes with a 17lb common carp from Wyver Lane Pond in Belper
Tom Dukes with a 17lb common carp from Wyver Lane Pond in Belper

In June, Philip Shaw also caught a 17lb common from Wyver Lane Pond. It was his first visit to the pond after an absence of 25 years. Not bad for his first btime back! He submitted this photo using the catch report page on the website.

Philip Shaw with a 17lb Belper common carp

On the first day of the river season, Adam Ingram was back into the bream on the sewerage works section. This cracking fish tipped the scales to 6lb 4oz. Great start to the new season!

Adam with a beautiful 6lb+ Derwent bream

Also in June, venue regular Jonah Cooper found this 6lb+ pike willing to take his sprat, which he’d rigged on a circle hook to ensure the fish could be quickly and safely released. He said of the capture:

“The fish gave me a decent fight and another Pike even followed it in whilst reeling in the hooked fish so that was cool to see.”

Jonah Cooper with a River Derwent pike

The bream continued to show on the Derwent throughout June. Elliott was rewarded with this fine bag of six fish, which included a few lumps:

Elliott Boam with a bag of six bream from the River Derwent

Thomas Webster had a nice afternoon session on the pond with a nice mixed bag, which included large perch, numerous silver fish, a carp and a barbel. Great fishing!

Jonah returned to the Derwent chasing pike and was rewarded for his nocturnal efforts with this fish. Jonah caught the pike after midnight, having only been fishing for an hour. Lure tactics proved successful this time, with Jonah putting an Abu Garcia 10cm Soft Plastic Trout to good use. As always, Jonah submitted details and photos of his capture using the catch report form.

Jonah Cooper with a Derbyshire Derwent pike caught lure fishing in the dark!
Jonah Cooper with a Derbyshire Derwent pike caught lure fishing in the dark!

In July, roach were showing well on the sewerage works section of the River Derwent at Belper. This bag of around 150 fish were caught on stick float, with single maggot hookbait over loose-fed hemp and maggots.

A huge bag of prime River Derwent roach caught on trotting tactics
A huge bag of prime River Derwent roach caught on trotting tactics

It wasn’t just on the sewerage works stretch producing roach, as John Hargreaves showed with this nice bag of roach and dace caught from the members-only top stretch alongside Wyver Lane pond. All were caught on maggot and waggler tactics.

A mixed bag or roach and dace from the River Derwent at Belper
A mixed bag or roach and dace from the River Derwent at Belper

In August, John was back to bother the silver fish on the top stretch. He put together this nice net of mainly roach and dace from alongside the pond, adding a lovely golden rudd.

John Hargreaves' mixed net of roach, dace and rudd from the Derbyshire Derwent
John Hargreaves’ mixed net of roach, dace and rudd from the Derbyshire Derwent

Soon after John’s catch, Elliott Boam proved that if silver fish are your quarry, the Derwent was the place to head. It fished superbly throughout August and roach to 1lb+ were caught both pleasure fishing and in matches. Waggler and maggot was the favoured method.

These bags of roach, dace, gudgeon and grayling were caught by Elliott Boam, a regular on club matches and also a member who contributed many hours on work parties last year, improving the pegs on the river.

Bailiff, Andrew Kennedy, wanted in on some action after being unable to fish much during the season. He visited the river at dawn for a three-hour session and had this to say about his experience:

“Trotting mainly caster, shallow under a stick float, I had over 20 lovely dace, a wild brownie and a chublet. In the last hour I was mobbed out by minnows until a shoal of good chub moved in, just as it was time to pack up! I could see them picking off free offerings in the shallow water but I think the alloy stick float stem kept spooking them. If I’d had time to refine my approach they were there for the taking, but I had to get home. It goes to show that if you keep the feed going in regularly, the big fish can turn up. Exciting fishing and just what I needed for my first trip to Belper this season.”

In October, Dale Lander emailed us details of a 19lb mirror carp which had picked up his 2 x 12mm boilie offering at Wyver Lane Pond. Dale noted how recognisable this fish is, missing the lower half of its tail. Have you caught this fish before?

19lb mirror carp from Wyver Lane Pond at Belper
Dale’s 19lb mirror carp

If you have any captures you’d like to share with us, please either head to our catch report page or the Club’s Facebook page and include as many details as possible, including whether or not you’re happy for us to share the photos and details.

Derwent = Ide Hotspot?

Ide from River Derwent at Belper

A species of fish has been cropping up more and more regularly on our stretch of Derbyshire’s River Derwent, which it’s never been famous for… until now!

Several large ide have been caught recently – in both match and pleasure catches – from different sections of the river, meaning Belper could be the place to head if you fancy battling one of these impressive fish.

Derbyshire Derwent 4lb ide from Belper

The ide isn’t endemic to British waters, so these fish haven’t arrived naturally, but they’re commonly stocked in commercial fisheries because they feed well in winter; so these fish are most probably lake escapees from past floods. It’s unlikely a breeding population could establish in the river, so it’s a case of catching these while they’re there!

Ide caught from rivers are often mistaken for giant roach, or roach x chub hybrids, by anglers.

Ide from River Derwent at Belper

Ide are the same species as ornamental golden orfe, just with a different colouration, which you may be familiar with from garden ponds.

Have you caught a specimen orfe from the Derwent near Belper? Send us the picture using our catch submission form and we’ll feature it on this page.

Ide from River Derwent at Belper

Andy Bennett lands the “Top 6” BDAC carp in a season!

Belper's Andy Bennett lands the 6 biggest carp in Wyver Lane Pond, in under 5 months!

Andy banks the six largest largest known carp in Wyver Lane Pond – including 3 x 20s!

Our Carp & Night Fishing Officer, Andy Bennett, has been busy either side of the COVID lockdown – putting together an impressive run of fish which includes all six of our largest carp, including our two new “stockies”.

This is not only a tremendous personal achievement for Andy, it also proves our four largest carp remained in the pond during the autumn & winter floods and don’t now reside in the Derwent! Great news for the Club and our members.

Here’s how Andy’s run of specimen carp unfolded…

Between March and July Andy landed Moonscale twice, with a largest weight of exactly 20lb.

Moonscale - Big carp from Belper - carp fishing
Moonscale - Andy Bennett with a specimen Wyver Lane Pond mirror carp

Before March was out, a mirror carp called Half Lin was tripped up by Andy, at 20lb 7oz.

Half Lin - Belper pond specimen carp angling

After the national lockdown put an end to all our fishing for a while, Andy hit the ground running with a 6-fish catch that included Half Tail at 16lb 13oz.

Half Tail - Belper pond specimen carp angling

Next up was the large common we stocked this year – Chester – which Andy caught twice, up to 21lb 9oz, which is 11oz heavier than the weight she was stocked at!

Andy Bennett with Chester - a specimen Wyver Lane Pond common carp, Belper
Andy Bennett with a 20lb Wyver Lane Pond common carp - Chester - at Belper

In mid-June it was the turn of our second newly-stocked fish – the beefy mirror, Shoulders, at 18lb 15oz.

Andy Bennett with Shoulders - a 19lb Wyver Lane Pond carp, Belper
Andy Bennett with Shoulders - a specimen Wyver Lane Pond mirror carp, Belper

The final fish that completed Andy’s impressive full-house was a mirror known as Linda, which he banked at 19lb 10oz.

Andy Bennett with a specimen Wyver Lane Pond carp, Belper
Andy Bennett with a Linda - big carp from Wyver Lane Pond, Belper - carp fishing

Well done that man!

Check out some of our other members’ carp catches in our Carp Gallery.

Early Season Captures from the River Derwent

River Derwent 4lb+ specimen wild brown trout

Below is a selection of captures we’ve been sent from our Belper sections of the Derbyshire Derwent – over the first few weeks of the 2020/21 season.

These include a couple of great nets of fish, a stonking river roach, specimen brown trout & grayling, lure caught pike, bream… even an ide! Showcasing just what a fantastic mixed fishery we’re blessed with here, on the Derwent:

If you’d like to send us details & photos of a specimen, bag of fish, or rare capture or sighting from our waters, please use our catch report page to send them to us.

Wyver Lane Pond receives specimen carp stocking boost

Specimen mirror & common carp stocking Wyver Lane Pond Belper

The Club has fantastic news to share, on behalf of our Night Members, who oversee the carp angling at our Wyver Lane Pond.

In the words of our Carp & Night Fishing Officer, Andy Bennett:

“Well here they are, after 3 years of planning our new fish are finally in their new home, the beautiful mirror at 19lb 6oz and a fantastic common at 20lb 14oz have reached their destination! These are fish some of the night members have been saving up to buy after otters took at least 12 of our beloved fish, then we had a tragic flood last November which could have taken a lot of our carp. With a bit of help from the Club we have achieved something great between us! Thank you to those who donated to our cause.”

Here are some shots taken during the stocking:

Specimen 20lb common carp stocked into Wyver Lane Pond, Belper, March 2020
20lb+ common carp – known as “Chester” – stocked into Wyver Lane Pond, March 2020
Specimen 19lb mirror carp stocked into Wyver Lane Pond, Belper, March 2020
A beautiful, large-shouldered mirror carp – fittingly named “Shoulders” – about to be introduced into our pond at Belper
Specimen 20lb common & mirror carp stocked into Wyver Lane Pond, Belper, March 2020
The pair of specimen carp now swimming in Wyver Lane Pond

We’re sure you’ll agree, these carp – supplied by Frontfish UK – are lovely looking fish with great potential for growth. Hopefully these fish will be a prized target for Belper carpers for years to come.

Take a look at some of our other known carp in our Carp Gallery.

Pike Fishing Hots Up on the Derwent!

River Derwent pike from Belper & District Angling Club waters for Jonah Cooper

The 2018 pike angling season is underway at Belper

October 1st marks the beginning of the traditional pike fishing season for anglers around the country. The beginning of October has this year coincided with dropping temperatures, after the long, hot summer of 2018.

Pike anglers have been out in force on our stretch of the River Derwent, with captures reported up & down our stretch, including double figure pike being caught as far upstream as Ambergate, and a true river specimen pike of 20lb+ reported from nearer to Belper town centre!

Pike can be fished for with a day ticket (must be purchased in advance) on our stretch of the Derwent and season ticket holders may also pike fish at Wyver Lane Pond and the Erewash Canal.

Venue regular, Jonah Cooper, was into some pike action earlier in the season. He reported the capture of the three pike below, up to 14lb, using our catch report page. Jonah landed the larger 2 pike on lure and the smallest fish on herring deadbait.

Three pike up to 14lb caught near Belper on the Derbyshire River Derwent
River Derwent regular, Jonah Cooper, with three pike up to 14lb

With large shoals of roach, dace, perch, chub and bream showing all along our stretch of the Derwent, the pike have plenty to feed on! They are therefore spread right along our length for the majority of the year, then during the colder months the predators will never stray too far from the large shoals of bait fish. Find these and you’ll find some hard-fighting Derwent pike. Anglers who are happy to put in some “leg-work” can be rewarded by finding large pike in some of the areas few other anglers ever visit.

Please remember to complete out catch report form, to send details and/or photos of your captures from Belper & District AC, directly to the club.

We recommend that anglers visiting the River Derwent to fish for pike, ensure that they are confident and competent at unhooking these delicate fish. Ensure you have adequate unhooking gear (e.g. long-nosed forceps, needle-nosed pliers and side-cutters), as well as a large landing net and unhooking mat. Please always use a wire trace, strike quickly and return all pike to the river as soon as possible. If you are inexperienced at pike fishing, please take an experienced pike angler along with you. If you’d like to try your hand at pike fishing, but don’t have anyone to show you the basics, please contact the club (we may be able to put you in touch with a pike angling member).

For more information & advice about pike fishing and pike welfare, please visit the Pike Angler’s Club of Great Britain website at:  https://pacgb.com

You can also find more information & tips on pike safety, safe handling and unhooking, in the video below and at the following link: https://www.just-fish.co.uk/wp/pike-unhooking-video-safe-tutorial/

There are also many informative videos available to view online, giving good fish care & unhooking advice, such as this one: